029 open health data

Building on prior interests and involvement in the open health data area, this post is a brief survey of themes and developments where the open data »

028 python #SPS17

The Swiss Python Summit brought lots of old friends and eager participants together to discuss and debate our common experience and prospects of the Python programming »

027 #foodopendata

To those who joined our 1st School of Data workshop of the year, spending part of last weekend to explore food-related datasets with us - you »

-0010 #effinger

E-0010 (-0b10 or -2 in binary) is a proposed underground space and laboratory for digital arts & crafts in Bern. Co-creation and artistic residencies at the »

026 data://transform.bz

transform is an "interdisciplinary project with consequences", in which a group of art-ivists has once again temporarily changed a rather humdrum part of the city into »